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Gary Russell Russell Preformance

Our History

The roots of Russell Performance can be traced back to the late 1950’s when our founding father, Gary Russell began frequenting the local drag strip and soon discovered he had a knack for making things go faster than they were originally intended.? Throughout the ’60’s he honed his skills, even more, amassing, not only trophies but valuable knowledge that he would continue to build upon as he took to the national stage of NHRA Drag Racing.? The 1970’s and ’80’s followed with many more wins, records and the garnered respect of his peers.? To this day he is widely regarded as a great pillar in NHRA class racing.
In the 1990’s Gary’s sons, Tom and Joe came of age and quickly followed in the father’s footsteps, promptly making names for themselves in the racing world.? More importantly, this is the decade that gave us Russell Performance in its official capacity.? RPRC opened shop and began producing highly competitive race cars and engines for it customers; many of whom continue running today.
The new millennium gave the Russell’s dominance in both NHRA Super Stock and Stock Eliminator, traveling to races across the US racking up much more class wins, records and awards along the way.

Fast forward to today……

The Russell family tradition is alive and well.? Gary continues to defy conventional stereotypes by piloting his lighting fast 1967 4 speed Camaro at the age of 76.? Tom continues racing and is growing the business for the next generation.

Meet Tom Russell

Tom started his building career underfoot of Gary when he couldn’t even see above the fenders. As he grew, the passion took over. The business of racing, building engines, building race cars and fabricating began in earnest.? 2017’s Division 3’s 3rd place winner has been racing since 1989 with 28 NHRA class wins, 8 National records and dozens of division Top 10 finishes.

Meet Penny Rainsberger

Grew up watching racing with her dad and was always the one in the garage helping him fix things.? After over 30 office experience, she has stepped into the world of NHRA drag racing bringing organization and tenacity to the partnership.